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Pierre Berthet

(Photo : F. Le Junter)

e.mail :p.58berthet@gmail.com

Born in 1958, lives in Liège, Belgium

Designs and builds sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields,…). Presents them in exhibitions and solo performances since 1988 mostly in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium. Main exhibitions of the last years :

Multiple variations of the installation "extended drops" created in 2010 in a disused water tower in Berlin (Singuhr Hoergallerie), then realized in a more digitalized version in Maastricht (stichting Intro), in Kortrijk, festival Klinkende stad (Belgium), Archéoforum, Liège

Since 2004, on a river in Nerpelt (Belgium) "Houses of sounds" are part of a permanent collection of sound installations (Klanken bos). Not anymore responsable of this installation... Since 2000, multiple variations of "extended loudspeakers" who traveled to Japan in 2003 (Gallerie Surge), were showed in parcs and forest (Château de Barbirey, France) and begijnof (Hasselt, Belgium). More details, descriptions, drawings, photos, videos and sound examples on www.pierre.berthet.be

Since march 2010, plays regulary "Galileo", a performance for 5 sounding pendulums by Tom johnson ( Amsterdam, Metz, Brussels, Paris , Montpellier, Liège, Gravenhorst, Lausanne)

Studied percussion with André Van Belle and Georges-Elie Octors. Improvisation with Garrett List. Composition with Frederic Rzewski. Music theory with Henri Pousseur.

Played percussion for about 8 years in the nineties with Arnold Dreyblatt’s "Orchestra of excited strings" (C.D. "Animal magnetism", label Tzadik ; C.D. "The sound of one string", label Table of the elements).

Personnal CDs :
- "Un cadre de piano prolongé", label Sonoris
- "Two continuum pieces", label Sub Rosa
- "Extended loudspeakers", label Sub Rosa

Duets with Fr. Le Junter
- Festival Musique Action, Nancy
- Festival Densités, Verdun
- ...

Other (very) occasional but pleasant collaborations in the past :
- Manu Holterbach et Sophie Durand (Festival Why Not 2004, Dijon)
- Pierre Bastien (Centre Pompidou, festival Octopus 2005)
- Xavier Charles (Festival Musiques de rues 2006, Besançon)

And Patrick Delges helps him a lot since more than 15 years when it’s possible.

Shorter :

In the eighties studied percussion at Brussels Conservatory and spent a lot of times in a bell tower, learning carillon and listening to the sounds. Studying with Garrett List (improvisation), Frederic Rzewski (composition) and Henri Pousseur (music theory) at Liège Conservatory in the nineties encouraged him to continue various things he did since his early childhood like throwing objects on the ground, shake them, hit them, caress them to hear what sounds come out ot them. Sounds of water drops falling on various materials always interested him a lot. Slowly slowly he started to prolounge various objects and instruments with long steel wires connected to can resonators suspended in the space, probably influenced by the works of people like Alvin Lucier, Terry Fox, Paul Panhuysen...Learned a lot also by playing several years with Arnold Dreyblatt’s Orchestra of Exited Strings and also by dueting with Frederic Le Junter. Since the nineties he realize and exhibits indoor and outdoor sound and visual installations. Adapted to the place where they are exhibited, they are also materials for live performances. Around 2000, started to explore various ways of making music with inverted Filter Queens vacuum cleaners. (They don’t suck, they blow.). In 2010, he started to perform a piece by Tom Johnson for 5 sounding pendulums : « Galileo ». In 2012, he started to shake dead plants mecanically. Thanks to Rie Nakajima, he discovered the use of batteries so that the motors, free from cables not only shake the plants but move them sometimes in the space (auto-mobiles). Since 2013 he plays sometimes with Rie, the name of their project is « Dead Plants and Living Objects ».

with Xavier Charles (Photo : F. Le Junter)

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