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Pierre Berthet p.58berthet@gmail.com

Coming :

April 1 : Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima at Archipel festival, Genève.

April 1 - November ? Installation (Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima) at Le Cyclop (Jean Tinguely), Milly-la-Forêt – France

February 3->March 5 : Exhibition and performances with Rie Nakajima in Trier, Germany

(Photo : F. Le Junter)

Pierre Berthet - Serendip Festival 2012 from agathe heron on Vimeo.

Youtube channel is here

Facebook is here

video documentation about exhibition with Rie Nakajima at Vostell-Marpartida Museum, Marpartida de Cacerès, Extremadura, Spain. Winter 2020 :

Infos about boxes Rie Nakajima and me make, including CDR, postcards, original drawings, small instruments we built to be played, all hand made... : here

What’s on the CDR here

Extracts of a solo performance here


2022 :

October 15 : Dead Plants and Living Objects, Bordeaux botanic garden, festival MAD

October 7 : Dead Plants and Living Objects, Albi, festival riverun

September 17,18 : Journée du patrimoine, Petite Rosselle, musée "les mineurs"

September 14, Reflux fesival Berlin

August 28 : TULE festival, Cesena (Italy) with help from WBI

Until August 28 2022 : CACLB, Belgium

July 8

Dead Plants & Living Objects, in I Hear A New World, Villa Stuck, Munich https://www.villastuck.de/programm/detail/i-hear-a-new-world (with kind help of WBI)

June 27

Dead Plants and Living Objects, Humus, Lausanne https://librairie.humus-art.com/2022/06/09/rie-nakajima-pierre-berthet-performance-sonore/ (with kind help from WBI)

June 29

Dead Plants & Living Objects,102, Grenoble https://le102.net/event/plantes-mortes-et-objets-vivants/ (with kind help from WBI)

June 25

Dead Plants & Living Objects in Back to the Tree, Besançon http://www.backtothetrees.net/fr/saint-vit-france-doubs-samedi-25-juin-2022/ (with kind help from WBI)

June 16

Dead Plants & Living Objects in Sonic Garden, French School of Athens

12/06 : CACLB, Belgium, performance : Galileo (Tom Johnson)

11/06 : CACLB, Belgium, opening of exhibition (that will go on until 28/08)

May 12 : Brussels, from 17:00 to 22:00, installation at la Fonderie

March 25, 2022 : Brussels : Concert at Ateliers Claus

2021 :

December 17 : Haekem theatre, Brussels, Rue de Laeken 66 : Duet with José Bedeur (cello) 20:00

Nov 19 : Solo at KBK, 20 Boulevard d’Ypres 1000 Bruxelles. Concert : 20h15

October 21 : Galileo, ESADMM (fine art school), Marseille

September 23-26 : Dead Plants & Living Objects, Seanaps Festival, Leipzig

September 12 : Festival Klang Moor Schopfe 2021, Switzerland concert with Rie Nakajima

February 8 to March 31 : Rie Nakajima and Pierre Berthet : exhibition at Maison Salvan in Labège, France link

New CD out : "Mani mani" : duet with Rie Nakajima

2020 :

August 21 : Ulm (Germany) + 6 weeks exhibition : Griesbad Gallery

September 25 : Brussels, la chambre de l’art et de la culture

September 26 : Ottignies, bois des rêves, more infos soon

October 15 : Dead Plants & Living Objects by Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima, Seanaps Festival, Leipzig


November 5

Dead Plants & Living Objects with Rie Nakajima, Besancon FRAC (+ Galileo)

October 24

Dead Plants & Living Objects with Rie Nakajima, La Casa Ensamblá, Seville

October 17

Exhibition and performance on the opening ’Dead Plants & Living Objects’ by Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima, Vostell-Marpartida Museum, Marpartida It will be exhibited for 3 months

October 8

Dead Plants & Living Objects with Rie Nakajima, Phonos, Barcelona

October 3

Galileo inAlbi

Setptember 26

Dead Plants & Living Objects with RN, Queen’s University, Belfast

Setptember 20

Dead Plants & Living Objects with RN, St Finian’s Church, 23 Adelaide Rd, Dublin

Setptember 18

Dead Plants & Living Objects with RN, Fuse Art Space, Bradford

Setptember 14

Dead Plants & Living Objects with RN, Iklectik, London + Galileo

June 16-July 31 : Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck | Oelde

April 23 : Vilnius DPLO with Rie Nakajima

April 25 : Brussels

May 1-May 31 : Bocholt (Germany), exhibition

May 5 : Brussels DPLO with Rie Nakajima

May 15 : Den Haag DPLO with Rie Nakajima To Be Anounced

May 25 : Stavanger (Norway), solo

March 11-27 : residency in Bilbao at Azkuna

March 27 : concert

2018 :

Nov.9 : San Sebastian, Tabakalera (Tom johnson’s "Galileo)

Nov.10 : San Sebastian, Tabakalera (DPLO with Rie Nakajima)

Nov.22 : Labège, near Toulouse, Maison Salvan (DPLO with Rie Nakajima)

Dec.14 : Porto, Sonoscopia (DPLO with Rie Nakajima)

September 28 : Solo at "The Old Dentist" 19:30, 33 Chatsworth Road, London, E5 0LH, United Kingdom. Also : Judith Hamann, cellist.

(look also at the Dead Plants and Living Objects section. (duo with Rie Nakajima))

April 19-22 : Athens (Greece) : Borderline Festival


Nov.25 : DPLO (with Rie Nakajima) Wiesbaden

Nov.28 and 29 : solo, Nouveau Téâtre de Montreuil

Dec. 1 and 2 : Tel Aviv

Sept. 22 : Bruxelles, Atelier Claus : DPLO

September 28, de Doelen, Rotterdam : DPLO (with RN)+ Tom Johnson’s G

September 10, DPLO Eupen (Belgium), Meacusma Festival. A text by David Toop where he tells about this performance.

July 18 : DPLO (with Rie Nakajima),bb15, Linz, Austria (with the support of WBI)

June 24 : solo, festival "Bos !", Kortrijk

June1-4 : DPLO (with Rie Nakajima), Porto (with the support of Wallonie Bruxelles International)

May 6-7 : Glasgow, Festival Tectonics

May 11 : Bruxelles, festival Sonar-Nuits du Beau Tas, solo.

March 11-31 : Dead Plant and Living Objects March Tour (thanks to Wallonie-Bruxelles International for their support) :

Sonic Protest Festival tour March 11-17 :

March 11 and 12, 17:00 :Montreuil (Paris)

March 13 : Angers

March 14 : Bordeaux

March 16 : Toulouse

then :

March 18 : Saillans (France, Drôme), special guest : Marie Bouchacourt (drawings)

March 19 : Rousset-les-Vignes (France, Drôme, small village a little further south)

March 24 : Munster (Germany) + exhibition until April 28

March 28 : Brussels, zennestraat 84 rue de la senne

May 6-7 : Glasgow, Festival Tectonics

May 11 : Bruxelles, festival Sonar-Nuits du Beau Tas, solo.

Fabrique de gouttes, Parc J.J. Rousseau, june 2014, Photo : P. Delges

2016 :

November 7 (Mon) Dead Plants & Living Objects / Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima I’klectik, London Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG , 20:00 with the help of WBI

November 12 (Sat) Dead Plants & Living Objects / Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima Algomech 2016, Sheffield with the help of WBI

November 13 (Sun) DPLO with Lee Patterson,Ïdle Chatter, Manchester->https://www.facebook.com/events/1249745691748651/] with the help of WBI (Wallonie Bruxelles International)

November 19 : DPLO with Rie Nakajima,Sidney Nollan Trust Presteigne, Wales with the help of WBI

September 29 (Thu) Dead Plants & Living Objects / Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg, 13 Rue des Couples, 67000 19:30

October 1 (Sat) - 20 (Thu) Moving Air by Renato Rinaldi, Pierre Berthet, Rie Nakajima (Artists in Residence) Villa Manin, Udine concert on the 20th 20:00

August 25 (Thur) Dead Plants & Living Objects/ Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima Koffie & Ambacht, Rotterdam ebenhaezerstraat 52a, 3083RP Rotterdam 20:00

August 26 (Fri) Dead Plants & Living Objects / Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima Hortus Botanicus, Nijimegen d’Almarasweg 22d, 6525 DW Nijmegen, Netherlands 20:00

July 2 : Wysing polyphonic, Cambridge, U.K.

July 4 : cafe oto, London

July 6 : Dead Plants and Living Objects, with Rie Nakajima Fuse, Bradford, U.K.

july 9 : DPLO with RN, Nantes, France, Bain argentique

July 21-23 : la collera delle lumache, Piémont, Italie

june 6 : cave de Marina Hammerstrasse, 133, Basel, 20:30

June 8 (Wed) Dead Plants & Living Objects : Pierre Berthet + Rie Nakajima Via Pastrengo, 12, Milano, 20:00

june 9 : Dead Plants and Living Objects, with Rie Nakajima Le Serre Dei Giardini Margherita 21:00, Via Castiglione 134/136, 40136 Bologne

June 16 : CA2M, Madrid

April 29 plan k, Bruxelles with Johan Vandermaelen !

April 30 Festival OûY, Tilff (Belgique) solo

april 1, 19:00, Liège solo at "les Brasseurs", 26, rue du pont 4000 Liège

///Dead Plants & Living Objects by Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima///

April 4 Flatterschaft, Basel duet with RN. Flatterschafft Solothurnerstrasse 4, 4053 Basel, at 20:00

April 5 (Tue) OOR SALOON, Zurich duet with RN

April 6 e/static Torino : solo with Filter Queens

april 7 Noise Delivery Torino duet with RN. Atelier Giorgi - via Belfiore 5h at 22:00

April 8 (Thu) Galleria Poggiali e Forconi, Firenze duet with RN. Via della Scala 35/a Via Benedetta 3/r, 50123 Firenze, at 21:00

April 12 (Tue) MG+MSUM, Ljubljana duet with RN

April 14 (Thu) Teatro Comunale Palamostre, Udine

April 17 (Sun) Cave 12, Genève duet with RN

April 19 (Tue) Atelier de l’étoile, Besançon duet with RN

April 29 plan k, Bruxelles solo

April 30 Festival OûY, Tilff (Belgique) solo

march 19, 21h, Eupen Katharinenweg 15a B-4701 Eupen-Kettenis

march16, Antwerp AIR Antwerpen Oosterweelsteenweg 3, 2030 Anvers, more infos : derycke.joris@gmail.com

Febr. 20 and 23 : Barcelona and around, solos : http://ibacolectiudimprovisacio.blogspot.be/

Febr.26 : Grenoble, 20:30 : at the 102

Mach 1 : Cherbourg, solo (+ Thierry Weyd) : https://www.facebook.com/events/1040569202651267/ ?__mref=message

Febr.7 RN+PB’s Dead Plants and Living Objects in Brussels at "Rumsteek" Rue Jorez 39, 1070 Anderlecht 20:00

2015 :

1 hour film about the Tsonami festival 2014 edition i was part of : https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=7z1EBBkEN50

Oct 22 to 24, Liège, Belgium : part of perormances festival Actus (I’ll play on the 23, 18:30).

Sept 12 and 13 : San Sebastián, Spain, expirators performances at Tabakalera

april 15 to may 2 : résidency at Nodar, Portugal http://binauralmedia.org/news/pt/arquivo/7782, concert on may 2 (afternoon)

Dec.1 to dec. 7 : Valparaiso, Chile : installation and filter queens performances, also in Santiago on dec. 9, Festival Tsonami

short video trace of a detail of the Valparaiso installation

October 24, 25, 26 : Fresne en Woevre, France : Festival Densité. A retrospective ear at festival Densité 2014 in Anne Montaron’s show "à l’improviste", France Musique, 8/11/2014. at 46’22’’ (in french).

july19-> oct. 19 : Camargue : haut-parleurs prolongés at le domaine des murmures 20/07 : Galileo with the help of GMEM, fondation SMart .be, Patrick Delges (Centre Henri Pousseur), WBI, and FWB.

July 11,12,13 : various things at festival mise en pli, Pont-de-Barret, France

June 7,8 and 14,15 : Ermenonville (France), festival des fabriques

parc J.J. Rousseau : fabrique de gouttes, installation.

PDF - 317.6 ko

with the help of fondation SMart .be and Patrick Delges (Centre Henri Pousseur)

Sculpture3 Central Saint Martins UAL, Granary Building 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA Studio Theatre Monday 31 March 6.30pm, free admission, more photo : Metod Blejec

July12 : Marseille : "la Nuit Pastré"plus. New version of "extended drops" combined with some new stuf :

PDF - 304 ko
extended drops
PDF - 50.7 ko

with the help of Patrick Delges (Centre Henri Pousseur)

June 29 : Brussels : tuned city

February 27, Oxford (England) : performance at audiograft festival

low-tension motor shaked and percuted dead dry exotic plants research in my garden

Pierre Berthet : Extended Loudspeakers and Extended Drops for a Walled Church Garden from Séan O’Sharp on Vimeo.

good quality audio recording of "extended drops" (Maastricht version)

recorded by Patrick Delges

Residency report Isola Comacina : here August 2012 : Comacina, august 2012 :

Gouttes tombant sur 2 tambours d’écorce de palmier à membrane en papier de soie, Isola Comacina, août 2012 from Pierre Berthet on Vimeo.

more films

new catalog : "Soundseeing, Klänge zum angucken, drei Jahre Klangkunst in Munsterland" with a text from Georg Dietzler,

RTF - 46.6 ko

photos, drawings and DVD. more

interview (Photo : Jan Pillaert) clic here for more photos of a performance

GALILEO (Tom johnson) :

In 2010, I studied a 40mn piece by Tom Johnson for 5 sounding pendulums : Galileo . Since march 2010, I played it in Amsterdam, Metz, Brussels, Montreuil (Paris), Montpellier. Liège and Castelon (Spain). To see more photos, please click on the numbers : 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5. I hope I can play again Galileo a lot...comments

New CD (with old materials) : Berthet-Le Junter,"L’enclume des jours

New Arnold Dreyblatt C.D. out now on Tzadig : Who’s who in central and eastern Europe,1933. Arnold used on one of the tune of this audio art document a recording of one of my drip-drum installation that i manipulated in one of the version of his hyper-text opera 20 years ago. The orchestra of exited strings, Berlin 1993.

july august 2010 : Singuhr- Hoergalerie : extended drops, new installation. Opening on july 1 with the help of CRFMW (Patrick Delges) , SMart asbl. and WBI. Then, after that, 3 more versions of extended drops for the Resonance network in Maastricht, Kortrijk and Riga.

Last C.D. : extended loudspeakers. on the label sub rosa. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

JPG - 326.1 ko

JPG - 380.9 ko

To read a comment and listen to samplers, click here : aquarius records and tap pierre berthet in"keywords". And here is another nice one by Nicholas Hennies possible to pop up some more stuff here)

PERMANENT since 2006 : houses of sounds,sound installation in the klankenbos Click here to see a video teaser If anybody goes there, could he or she tell me if my installation seems to work ok, so that i can go and fix it if there is a problem. For exemple : a wire can be broken. My mail is p.58berthet@gmail.com Nowadays (march 2016), it’s been more than a year I haven’t been there, I’m not responsable of the maintenance anymore and don’t know how it sounds. I’d prefere to have it off, but the organisation wants to keep it on...

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